Women in Photography Conference and Exhibition September 2017 Plymouth

Women in Photography Conference Plymouth Liberty Pearl Photography Wedding Devon and Cornwall

Women Who Support Women

Founded by Amber Leach of Liberty Pearl Photography, the Women in Photography conference brings female photographers & videographers in Devon and Cornwall together to learn and support each other in a growing community setting.
Recognising underrepresentation in the local community, Amber organised the first event in August 2016 in Plymouth, booking speakers who could tell important stories, showcase their talents, who travelled and inspired with their work. Amber has since held 3 successful events with 100 attendees so far and a growing fanbase.
Women in Photography Conference Plymouth Liberty Pearl Photography Wedding Devon and Cornwall

Our First Anniversary

Now becoming recognised as the platform to showcase female creative talent in Devon & Cornwall, passionate like-minded women come together to support each other to celebrate each other’s successes, learn from each other’s challenges and to empower each other to focus on solutions.
2017 notes the first anniversary event so we want it to be bigger and better, so it will be hosted at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel in Plymouth. Not only will we host a conference, but we’ll also be organising an exhibition to showcase talent within the community.
We believe in community over competition, so we asked our members to nominate the speakers for this event, asking who they admired and were inspired by, whether personally or professionally.
With Women in Photography you’ll find women who:

  • provide mutual motivation and encouragement
  • provide unique opportunities to collaborate
  • believe in community over competition
  • look for friendship and support
  • are active in a private Facebook group to chat, share and collaborate in a safe and supportive space

It’s very exciting to meet and collaborate with established and new faces alike!
Buy your tickets for the event here!
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The Founder

I am Amber Leach. I am an award-winning photographer and the founder of my photography business Liberty Pearl Photography & Associates.
I am passionate about learning and inspiring people and want people to achieve the very best they can.  I also want people to feel supported and connect with each other. I know how difficult working on your own can be.  I want women to connect and support each other in a friendly environment and share their experiences.
girl rising charity women in photography conference


At each event we charge an entrance fee. The monies raised go to carefully selected charities based in the UK and internationally.
The charities are:
Locally supported  Young Mother and Baby Housing unit in the Plymouth area.
Girl Rising: Educating girls can break cycles of poverty in just one generation, yet millions of girls aren’t in school. Girl Rising uses storytelling to inspire action that gets girls into classrooms worldwide.
Girl Impact: The Girl Impact is a collaborative project based in South Africa. Their goal is to support and educate young girls to help them make more informed decisions as they move towards womanhood.
Restore: a local project that exists to help survivors of human trafficking by guiding them through a process of rehabilitation to a normal, steady life.
Mission Possible: Christian Missions and Aid organisation that has been operating in Eastern Europe for 40 years.
For this reason, we are seeking sponsorship to cover costs of holding the event. Specifically, we need sponsorship for:

  • Printing and framing costs for exhibition
  • Catering & drinks for the exhibition
  • Marketing & PR for the conference & exhibition

Third women in photography conference plymouth college of art international womens day inspire someone today_

Kind Words from Our Community

“Great conference, totally inspirational speakers!” – Hannah
“Wow wasn’t sure what to expect as first one I have been too, but I found it incredibly interesting. Really enjoyed listening to you all & have left feeling very inspired. Thank you for sharing your life stories, amazing tips and knowledge. I look forward to the next one!” – Lucy
“Thank you Amber for organising a wonderful evening. Louise, Phil and Emma. You were all amazing and your talks were so inspirational and so lovely to hear your history of how far you’ve all come. Very talented ladies and a room full of wonderfully supportive ladies too”. Michelle
“Glad I was finally in Plymouth to make it along, enjoyed all four speakers – fascinating and differing stories, thanks all xx”- Amy
“Thank you so much for organising this event. It was so inspiring (I’m so ordering film tomorrow and getting my twin lens out!!)”  – Claire
“Found this really useful and inspiring, thank you Amber, it was really great to meet you and others x” – Rachel

Corporate Sponsorship

I am looking for a number of sponsors for the event, you can be a sponsor for as little as £200, so if you would like to be a corporate sponsor for the conference please get in touch by filling out an enquiry form here.
For more information, please contact Amber at Liberty Pearl Photography 07863889677 or email via our contact page.

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