Wet Weather Weddings

Six top tips on how to plan for wet weather weddings…

Rain on your wedding day is sad to be good luck, but it doesn’t feel all that lucky. Most people consider a wet weather wedding as a negative. And many couples hope for sunshine and a dry day for their wedding. 

As wedding photographers and videographers, we’re often asked how we work around poor weather conditions. While wet weather can dampen a wedding day, it certainly doesn’t have to. Here are some tips for having a gorgeous wedding whatever the weather! 

Wet weather wedding venue

When searching for a wedding venue, it’s good to look for one that is as beautiful inside as it is outside. Find somewhere that you would like couples photographs in different places around the venue both in and out. That way you can have the best of both worlds if the weather plays ball. And if not, you won’t be disappointed either. LaniandOliverweddingsneakpeekHR-135

Change with the weather

Try to be flexible with your timings where you can. Naturally, you can’t change the time that the ceremony takes place and you wouldn’t want to delay you wedding breakfast being served. But, if the rain stops during the meal, you might have five minutes between finishing you main course and your dessert being served. Use your time wisely and give yourselves the opportunity to head outside for photographs as soon as the rain does stop.

Elopement wedding venue The Green Cornwall

Come prepared 

We always have white umbrellas with us to ensure that you look as radiant as possible in all weather conditions. If you want to buy your own umbrellas, opt for plain white or see-through as they will enhance how you look. There’s nothing worse than an ugly colour cast or a logo featuring in all of your pictures! You could even make the most of the brollies with a personalised one.

     Embrace the rain!

    Try not to be too precious about your dress getting a little wet. The most important thing to remember is that your wedding day is a celebration of the start of your marriage. If the hem of your dress gets a little damp, it really isn’t the end of the world. The couples we have worked with that have made a feature of the rain have enjoyed their days far more than those who have stressed about their wet weather wedding. Work with your photographer to ensure you have those special memories that you can look back on for years to come.

    Art Deco Vintage wedding photography The Duke of Cornwall hotel Plymouth

    Silver linings

    Your couples photographs can look equally stunning if they are taken inside. We work hard to make sure we find the best indoor back drops for you photographs on the day. But we have captured some of the most breathtaking photographs in what might be classed as poor weather. From rain to fog and ice to roaring waves at the coast. Stormy weather can create a moody backdrop for romantic, natural wedding photography. All of the photographers behind Liberty Pearl Photo & Film Collective are fully trained in using off-camera-flash, which means they are able to make a feature of the rain.

    Stay positive if you have a wet weather wedding

    There are never any guarantees as to what the weather will do. One minute it can be bright sunshine, the next pouring with rain. It’s not guaranteed that you will have amazing sunshine if you book your wedding in August. Likewise, it isn’t unheard of for couples to tie the knot outside, basking in sunshine, in the month of October. 

    Firstly, remember that while it might rain on your wedding day, it rarely pours down all day long. There is often a break in the cloud at some point.  When couples come to us worrying about the weather, our advice is always the same: you can’t change it, so just make the most of it and smile!

    The most important things when it comes to wet weather weddings? Be prepared, have back up plans and enjoy your day not matter the forecast.

    If you would like to book a photographer who loves embracing the elements with you on your wedding day, come rain or shine Liberty Pearl Photo & Film Collective are the photographers for you. We love nature, we love adventure and we love being inspired by the elements! Contact us to find out more. 

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