Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: What Are The Benefits?

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Pre-wedding photoshoot: What are the benefits? It’s a great opportunity for you to get to know our process and meet your photographer. It helps you to feel comfortable on your big day. Which is so important to us. From our point-of-view we get to see you together as a couple in a “normal” situation.

We can explore what’s best for you without the formality. There’s no pressure. No guests! It’s an opportunity for you to experience our shooting style whilst practising and experimenting in front of the camera within a relaxed atmosphere.

There are other benefits to having a pre-wedding photoshoot – you can use the photos to create personalised “save the date” cards, wedding décorations, or perhaps have a large portrait which your guests can sign instead of a book?

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: What’s the best thing to wear?

Because pre-wedding photoshoots are all about feeling relaxed and being physically comfortable, the best thing to wear is your favourite item of clothing. Something that makes you feel good about yourself when you put it on. That dress you just love. Those shoes you can’t live without. Whatever it is that says something about you. We recommend bringing a variety of different outfits to change into so you can have fun and express yourself throughout the shoot.

We also suggest wearing complementary colours that don’t clash with your partner, unless that’s part of your theme of course. And please avoid large logos because they can become dated over time.

And for those couples who want to go that little bit further, we work with a team of local hair and make-up artists who will have you looking fabulous for the shoot! Message us for further details if you are interested in knowing more.  

Photoshoot Location: Your Story.

The photoshoot location is an opportunity to tell your story. It should be somewhere meaningful to you both. Your first date? Where was your first weekend away together? How about the proposal location? Maybe it’s somewhere you enjoy wild swimming or walking? Wherever it is, it would be great if the location contained a variety of backdrops and textures so we can really capture the details. 

We shot a lovely couple over at Pentille Castle recently – head over to Instagram and check out the reel.

Photoshoot: Camera Shy Couples.

We want you to enjoy the experience. This is a chance to really let go – to have fun and smile. And to help combat any camera shy couples we have found that activities are a fabulous way to get you both laughing and enjoying the moment. We’re more than happy to incorporate children, hobbies, pets, props, basically anything you can think of that makes it more personal to you both.

This results in photos which are more natural and catch the essence of your relationship.

Sessions can be as staged or as styled as you wish. We can accommodate different personality types and if you would prefer a simple no fuss photoshoot, then we can simply walk, talk and find those natural moments and capture your relationship that way as well. It is your day to create. 

How Long?

Most photoshoots take between 1 and 2 hours.

What is included in a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Package?

  • Pre-session consultation.
  • 1 or 2 hours of photography on location.
  • 50 – 100 high resolution images on disk for prints and low resolution images for use on social media.
  • Images fully edited by our expert team.

Please contact us for further information.

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