Liberty Pearl Photography: Being in High Demand.

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Many years ago I realised I couldn’t do this work alone. The demand for Liberty Pearl Photography was high and I wanted to be there for every couple that contacted me. This was difficult. After a while, I realised how tough it was to grow the business on my own. Don’t get me wrong, being in high demand is wonderful -amazing in fact! But it’s not sustainable.

Firstly, I did everything possible to ensure new customers were not turned away and photographed as many weddings as humanly possible! And secondly, I’m not sure how many miles I drove during that period but it was a lot. Much more than I would recommend.

New clients arrived and weddings were booked in and I organised every aspect of my life to make sure Liberty Pearl could attend every amazing wedding that came our way.

However, this way of working unfortunately pushed me to the brink of burnout.

I was emotionally torn between the loyalty I felt for Liberty Pearl’s success, my customers who had come via recommendations, and my family who I was constantly separated from. Something had to change. And it did. I realised I couldn’t do this alone to the standard it deserved and I needed help. And I found it.

Now it’s a team thing! Well, a Collective!

Devon Photographers: What is a Collective?

I work with a group Devon photographers who showcase Liberty Pearl’s artistic style. They are the Collective Team who share my personal values and deliver all aspects of Liberty Pearl’s methods in a highly professional manner. I trained each member of the Collective myself over a three year period and now they work independently throughout the Southwest.

I’m immensely proud of how they represent Liberty Pearl. Client feedback has strengthened my trust in the teams ability to produce high-quality pictures. This is vital. But it’s also really important for us to connect with our couples and their friends and family. 

It’s my responsibility and pleasure to edit all our photoshoots. This provides me with a sense of connection with our couples. I might not be in attendance on your special day, however I still get to know you and experience the joy of the occasion while editing your amazing images.

Creative Photographers

At Liberty Pearl, we are the magic six. Six creative photographers and filmmakers who have been capturing romance as part of a finely tuned team for the past six years. With over 500 weddings captured between us, we specialise in taking inventive shots that produce emotive images. We search for those precious moments that truly reveal the love you share together.

This is our mission!  

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Liberty Pearl Photography: Core Values. 

The magic six are aligned with Liberty Pearl Photography’s core values:

Commitment – we believe wholeheartedly in the importance of commitment and the responsibility that comes with making the decision to enter into the contract of marriage. 

Keeping it personal – it’s not a one-shoe fits all experience. Above all, we are looking at what makes you, you. What are your personality quirks and how can we showcase those distinctive qualities.

Unique to You – we respect your wedding style and shoot in a way that reflects this. We capture your personalities individually but we also uncover for your connection as a couple. This includes those stylistic choices and tastes that showcase your personalities through the venue and colour schemes. 

Nature at the heart – our work is nature-inspired. We seek to reflect the rustic. The wild landscapes. Adventure. Rolling hills. Using Devon’s coastal beauty and landscape as the backdrop in our images only enhances the romance between you. 

Connection – your relationship with one another. Ours with yours and with your friends and family on the day. Communication is what makes us a collective. We are intrinsically connected and form authentic friendships with our couples and care about quality and above all, truly listen to what you want.

Passion – we are passionate about our work. We will work together to create images that you’ll adore forever. All of our Associates are calm and organised yet creative and inventive. We provide a stress-free process and a personal approach. 

Your story is unique and we use world-class photography and outstanding videography to tell your story in an everlasting style that will take your breath away. 

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If you would love us to capture your incredible wedding in Devon, Cornwall or beyond, please fill out our contact form and we will let you know if you have availability for your wedding date.

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