Why Elope to Cornwall for Your Wedding…

Whilst many brides and grooms opt for larger ceremonies, surrounded by friends and family, there’s a growing trend for couples to elope and where better to do so than Cornwall?

We are established Cornwall elopement photographers and here are the reasons why we think you should choose Cornwall as your elopement wedding destination….

Cornwall Elopement photographer Boho Cornwall St Moritz Hotel Coastal wedding

Not only are there miles of stunning coastline to explore, but more venues than ever are offering bespoke collections for couples looking for a more intimate start to their marriage.

We have to admit that elopements in Cornwall are some of our favourite ceremonies to photograph as they are so personal and so full of love. They also inevitably are more relaxed as everything is focused solely on the bride and groom.

Boho Cornwall Elopement Cornish Intimate wedding photographer coastal wedding adventurous bride wild bride

Intimate, meaningful, individual and personal….

There are several reasons why our couples tell us they chose to elope in Cornwall including:

  • Having the wedding that they really wanted
  • Making the event about just the two of them
  • Having a ceremony and wedding day that reflects their personality and style
  • Taking away the stress of organising a big family event
  • Making the day a truly magical experience and an adventure
  • Being mindful of their budget
  • Having timings that worked for them
  • Having a ready-made honeymoon location already sorted

Boho Cornwall Elopement Cornish Intimate wedding photographer coastal wedding

INSPIRED BY NATURE …. addicted to adventure …

Here at Liberty Pearl Photo & Film Collective, we have photographed many beautiful elopements in Cornwall over the past five years. And each and every one of them has been as special and unique for each of our couples we have been lucky enough to capture. Elopement weddings are not your traditional ‘cookie cutter’ type weddings, our couples have incorporated their personalities into the day as much as possible, recent Cornwall elopements have included rock climbing, a mini festival, venturing into beautiful woodlands, dancing in fields, watching the sunset over the beautiful Cornish coastline, paddling in the sea, exploring ancient Cornish ruins and international couples revisiting memorable locations from their previous visits to the UK.

Boho Cornwall elopement wedding intimate wedding photography

Photographing natural landscapes and seascapes is always a breathtaking experience and something you will be able to relive each time you look through your images……..

Elopement wedding venue The Green Cornwall

We know that we’re biased as we’re based in the South West, but Cornish elopements are always really special.

Our elopement couples may be very different but they all have one thing in common; they love the great outdoors and they love nature. It shouldn’t be underestimated how important it is to be able to feature the natural environment in your photographs. Here in Cornwall we have some of the most beautiful beaches, woodland and coastal venues on offer in the UK. And yes we know the hidden gems, the areas that work best for any time of year, and locations that will make your heart sing.

Lower barns elopement wedding venue Cornwall intimate wedding photographer

Some of our favourite elopement wedding venues in Cornwall are BoHo Cornwall, Lower Barns, The Green Cornwall, The Scarlet Hotel, Pengenna Manor, Pentille Castle, Cosawes Barton, Trenderway Farm to name but a few of our favourites….

We will leave you with a film from one of our beautiful elopement weddings at Boho Cornwall last autumn….


We are an experienced team of Cornwall elopement photographers, so if you are a UK bride who has fond memories of holidays in Cornwall, or an overseas bride thinking about eloping in Cornwall or hadn’t thought about it before but are open to the idea, please get in touch for a chat and we can help you with any questions that you might have.

A whirlwind wedding: Why you should consider one and my top planning tips

devon wedding photographer wedding planning love my dress bride kingsand wedding

I planned my own wedding in 9 weeks so you could say I am an expert at whirl wind wedding planning!

Planning a wedding is fun – but drag out the process for years and it can take a little excitement out of the big day. You can find yourself overanalysing every element of the wedding and see fashions and trends changing – just as you’ve finally decided on the theme of your day. A whirlwind wedding, on the other hand, promises a real adventure. The wedding planning experience is full on from start to end. But you’ve got so much to be getting on with that there’s not really any time to stress. Believe me – I planned my own wedding in 2016 in just nine weeks!

The perks included:

A budget-friendly day


The only money we had available was that in our bank accounts, so we had to stick to budget. This meant we didn’t go overboard and were sensible with our spending. It was also nice not to spend years of savings on one day.

An up-to-date wedding theme

devon wedding photographer wedding planning love my dress bride kingsand wedding

Although suppliers were limited – due to the fact that lots were booked out already – we were still able to plan a stylish wedding. Of course, we had to have an open mind about theme and style but we still ended up with the wedding we wanted.

No waiting around

devon wedding photographer wedding planning love my dress bride kingsand wedding

I didn’t want a long engagement and thought it was pointless. I was too excited about being a wife and a bride! I also didn’t want wedding planning to take over my life for months or years – so a whirlwind wedding was perfect

All about love

devon wedding photographer wedding planning love my dress bride kingsand wedding

When planning a wedding you can get so caught up in the little things – but they really don’t matter. By minimising time spent planning our wedding, we realised what was important about the day and were able to prioritise better.


Eight tips for planning a whirlwind wedding

Of course, I’m not telling you that every single part of the process was easy. As with all weddings, there were good and bad parts about the planning – but it only lasted nine weeks. With this in mind, I wanted to share my top tips to help you plan your wedding in just a matter of weeks too. If I can do it while juggling a busy business, so can you!

  1. Keep things simple

devon wedding photographer wedding planning love my dress bride kingsand wedding

Don’t be too over-ambitious with your wedding ideas. Instead, keep things simple, as you won’t have much time to make things for your wedding or to plan extravagant décor. A simple wedding will always look stylish and sophisticated.


  1. Be organised

This one’s crucial. Good organisation is key when you’ve got a tight deadline. We had spreadsheets for everything but they really helped us keep track of everything we needed and dates they needed to be done by.


  1. Decide on your priorities

devon wedding photographer wedding planning love my dress bride kingsand wedding

A good wedding planner friend gave me some great advice. She asked, “What are the three most important things you want on your wedding day?” Mine were guests and their enjoyment, lots of flowers, and a beautiful location, near a beach or in lovely gardens. This helped us focus our day and all the planning.


  1. Improve your decision-making skills


It’s so easy to go back and forth with ideas when planning a wedding but why stress yourself out about the perfect day? When planning a whirlwind wedding you have to make decisions quickly. For example, I purchased my wedding dress from the first shop I visited.


  1. Ask for discounts

If a supplier isn’t booked nine weeks before your wedding date, it’s unlikely they’ll receive many offers. This gives you bargaining power and many will offer you a discount in order to fill their last minute availability.


  1. Ask for help

devon wedding photographer wedding planning love my dress bride kingsand wedding


If you’ve got lots to do in a short time, help from family and friends is a must. So many helped us leading up to the wedding and on the day, which was amazing. Everyone loved being part of putting it all together and it just made the experience even more special.


  1. Go digital

devon wedding photographer wedding planning love my dress bride kingsand wedding



Speed up the invite process by going digital. We sent invites to our wedding website via Facebook and email and only a handful of invites were printed off for older family members. The wedding website was great and the replies were instant.


  1. Pick your bridesmaids wisely

devon wedding photographer wedding planning love my dress bride kingsand wedding

Last, but not least, pick you bridesmaids carefully – after all, they’ll be providing reassurance throughout your journey. They will need to be calm, supportive and helpful and definitely not cause unnecessary stress!

Good luck! Remember, if you’re looking for a photographer for your big day, don’t hesitate to get in touch to enquire about last-minute availability. Contact me and we can have a catch up about your wedding plans over coffee!