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We are very excited to bring you a series of interviews that discuss the difficulties of Elopement & Wedding Planning during lockdown. A number of topics will be explored through the interview series which will include a chat with Jenny Wren Wedding Planning & Events. How to style an Elopement Wedding with Nikkie from Knots & Kisses Stationery & Styling. How to stay Fit & Healthy during lockdown with Laura Rimmer Health Coach. Is an Elopement Wedding right for you? With Maya & Tom from Boho Cornwall Elopement wedding venue and much more in the pipeline.

But today we are so pleased to bring you Nadia from Amulet Weddings & Events and our discussion about Elopement Wedding Planning in Europe. And the difficulties she faced as a business during lockdown 2020.

Amulet Weddings & Events

Amulet Weddings & Events is an award winning, widely published wedding andnevents planner. They specialise in Destination Weddings and Elopements, and regularly plan weddings for couples in Iceland, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, and of course the UK.

Nadia has been planning events for over 10 years and her weddings are incredible! But no matter how much experience you have in the wedding industry, or any type of service based business, nothing could have prepared us for what happened when the Covid-19 Pandemic came to our shores in 2020. Nadia has been busy rescheduling many of her weddings but has taken the time out to offer her thoughts and advice on how weddings will be different in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak. But also how we are confident that destination weddings you’ve always dreamed of are still a possibility.

Tell us about yourself and Amulet Weddings & Events.

Hi everyone, I’m Nadia, owner and Wedding Planner at Amulet Weddings & Events. I specialise in organising enchanting Elopements and Destination Weddings across the Alps, Iceland, Lapland, Scandinavia and more. I’ve worked in the events industry since leaving university around 13 years ago. I used to travel across Europe & worldwide organising conferences, corporate events & product launches.

I’ve always had a passion for bringing people together and feel real joy in seeing how loved ones connect and celebrate. It seemed natural for me to start my own Wedding Planning business.

What made you choose the colder, mountainous climates?

I studied Geology when I was younger so have always been fascinated with dramatic landscapes. Living in the countryside myself I have a love for the outdoors and places of natural beauty like waterfalls, caves, and mountains. Lakes have always been a personal draw for me. I’ve never coped well in the heat being from the UK, so I’m personally more comfortable in cooler climates where I can wrap up and I love all the activities and excursions available in the locations I work too so there is loads I can offer my couples.

Tell us about your Covid-19 wedding journey. How many weddings were rescheduled? Dealing with suppliers etc

It’s certainly been an interesting experience! I personally had a few Destination Weddings in May and these were almost complete in terms of the planning elements. So it was a huge shame to postpone. Fortunately my couples have been incredibly calm and understanding and are mindful of properties and suppliers closing in their destination. I’m actually supposed to be in Austria for a couples wedding today so it’s been a very surreal time.

The suppliers involved have all been absolutely fantastic in postponing the wedding date till next year and whilst there has been a little delay in hearing back from properties that have closed over this period, we’ve mostly managed to rearrange everything easily without incurring any additional fees.

What has been most difficult/ challenging for you and your couples during this time?

It’s been very frustrating for our couples and everyone involved. Having to cancel everything so close to the wedding date was very has upsetting but at least we are all safe and next years celebrations will be even better!

Cancelled flights have been refunded or rescheduled. Similarly with the accommodation and any logistical costs. Overall it’s been positive.

What has been your main piece of advice for brides rescheduling their weddings?

My advice is to not look at this experience negatively or let the changes dishearten you. This is a situation that none of us could have predicted and whilst it is deeply upsetting for couples and their loved ones we have to focus on the importance of shared love which will only strengthen over the next year. There is so much hope for the future too and I truly believe any Wedding that have been postponed will be more precious, special and enjoyable for all once it takes place!

What are your next steps once lockdown is lifted?

Partially, I still have Intimate Weddings & Elopements scheduled for September time and I’m seeing positive enquiries for these towards the end of this year too. I’ve also recently partnered with some gorgeous chalets across the Alps and venues in Lapland too which I’m keen to promote to my couples.

Once lockdown is lifted completely I think couples will seek a level of security and safety. Particularly when planning a Destination Wedding so I want to reassure them of this: I see social distancing rules being in place for some time. So intimate Weddings & Elopements fit well into this.

My intimate Weddings and Elopement ceremonies are always outdoors. I expect to see an increase of this in both Destination Wedding and Weddings in peoples home countries. I feel travel security, restrictions, cleanliness and hygiene standards will be top of couples priorities. This is why I see an increase in intimate Weddings held in properties that can guarantee those standards.

What advice would you give to a bride who is starting their wedding planning journey?

I would recommend sitting down with your fiancé and discussing your priorities and vision for your Wedding Day. Don’t let the current situation sway your decisions too much. Be mindful of your guest list, preferences and set a realistic date. Hiring a personable planner is more helpful now than ever, as there has been so much uncertainty. A lack of clarity in so many people’s lives. I recommend finding a planner and working with suppliers who are experienced and you connect with. They can give informed advice and support to ensure everything comes together smoothly.

How can people get in touch with you?

Email, Instagram, Facebook or a call! 01780 479 290 I always respond within 24 hours and would be
delighted to help with any questions couples may have.

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