5 reasons to consider an intimate elopement wedding

Dreaming of sunshine on your wedding day, along with an enviable landscape and intimate party with your nearest and dearest? With an intimate elopement wedding, your big day is all about you. There’s minimal fuss and little worry about all those extra details. Instead, you’re there to celebrate your marriage with your closest family and friends in a natural setting that’s both beautiful and inspiring.Intimate elopement weddings are becoming more and more popular. And as a photographer, it’s an honour to photograph a couple on their intimate wedding. The weddings I shoot locally and overseas typically feature sandy beaches, sunny backdrops and the beautiful blue tones of the sea. The atmosphere is pretty epic too. With less than 10 people gathered round to witness the ceremony, there’s a real feeling of intimacy and love. It’s a joy to catch on camera.
Of course, an elopement wedding isn’t for everyone – but if you’re looking for a romantic, budget-friendly day that’s just about the two of you, it’s worth considering.
There are some fabulous elopement weddings venues popping up around the UK, I can highly recommend Boho Cornwall, who specialise in ‘just the two of you’ elopements in beautiful West Cornwall. Boho help you to create an elegant, intensely personal experience and will host your wedding with warmth, sensitivity and joy. I can also highly recommend Ever After: A Dartmoor Wedding, in Devon who offer couples laid-back luxury wedding that’s stylish, exclusive and intimate – whatever the weather.

  1. All about you

It can be difficult planning a large wedding, there is just so much to organise! An intimate elopement, however is made for small wedding parties. You can say goodbye to all the fuss of the guest list, seating plans, and décor and just enjoy your celebration of love.

  1. You can wear whatever you like!

With an intimate elopement wedding, you’re free to express your personality. There’s no need to dress in white or opt for something overly formal. You can still have a beautiful wedding dress if you wish or look totally amazing in something more casual.

  1. You can elope anywhere

I’ve talked about sunny, beach destinations but that’s just one of the many options when it comes to eloping. There are so many beautiful spots both in the UK and abroad. Some of my favourites include Spain’s beautiful beaches, Italy’s beautiful cities and villages, New York’s bustling streets and Cornwall’s coastal spots. Other jaw-dropping destinations you might want to consider include Devon, Scotland, the Cotswolds, Greece, New Zealand and Morocco.

  1. Minimal fuss and stress

With fewer guests to manage and fewer details to worry about, there’s a lot less stress leading up to the day. As an elopement wedding is often cheaper, there will be less budgetary stress too. So, instead of spending time stressing you can make the most of the planning experience together and enjoy the romance.

  1. An epic after party

Imagine it: You’re in your dream destination with all your loved ones and you’ve just got married. Could life get any better? Best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy the party yourselves rather than spending lots of time apart greeting and entertaining large numbers of friends and family.
Remember; just because you’re eloping, doesn’t mean friends and family at home get left out of the experience. Book a great photographer and videographer to capture everything and the rest of your family and friends can see and watch your day after it’s happened.
We offer a range of elopement packages in the Uk and abroad. All our prices include travel and accommodation worldwide. Please visit our elopement webpage for our packages and prices and to check our availability.

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