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Please find below further details of our amazing speakers at the Women in Photography Conference in Plymouth 30th November 2016


Phil Starkey

phil-starkey-photographyA little more about Phil…
Phil has always enjoyed the natural world from a very young age. As she grew up her mother taught her a lot about the flora and fauna that surrounded her, and in her early teens she quite happily used to take herself off on her own to walk the coastal path or go to a favourite quiet spot and observe the natural world. It wasn’t until Phil had her own son, and had started to teach him the same things, that she first really started to take an interest in photography. She started out as many parents do with the usual family snaps from a compact when out for walks with her son, and it soon turned into something more. Phil quickly found herself unable to go out without a camera and trying to produce an eye catching image of what was around her. That was when she bought her first 35mm film camera, in 2010, and began to read lots of articles from magazines, books and asked a lot of questions from a number of landscape photographers discovered through social media. She then began to actively teach herself how to become a landscape photographer. Phil has had a number of publications over the last few years, has held basic adult education photography courses for the union USDAW around Cornwall, is a winner in the South West Coast Path Photographic Competition 2015 featuring in their 2017 calendar, and is also a contributor to the Cornwall AONB 2016-2021 Management Plan.

Phil will speak on the subject: Landscape Photography

We asked Phil to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:
“I’m extremely pleased to have been invited to speak at the Women in Photography Conference as I really want to encourage and inspire more women to get out into the natural world and give landscape photography a shot. It will also be a wonderful opportunity to hear from, and network with, other ladies within the south west and photographic industry also.”

You can view Phil’s work on her website www.philstarkeyphotography.co.uk

Emma Latham


A little more about Emma….
Way back in 2002 I moved to Exeter, fresh faced and excited to live in the South West to start a degree in photography and within month found myself assisting a wedding photographer and loved it!! I probably worked more assisting and second shooting than I did on my studies but I learned heaps!! Post degree I worked in a camera shop then on a whim moved to Plymouth. I tentatively set up Freckle Photography whilst working as a teaching assistant. Lots of stuff went down in my twenties, including getting really poorly and being in and out of hospital. I felt I wasn’t well enough for the physical aspect of wedding photography and didn’t want to venture into something knowing I might have to let someone down (my worst fear) so I had a change of heart and trained to become an Art teacher… oh man – hats off to teachers, my smiley face was not suited to the profession and I got eaten alive by the year 9 kids!! After this I worked at Plymouth College of Art in learning support, which I LOVED but the photography side of things was still pulling on my heart strings, it was like an addiction I couldn’t let go. So back I came and set up this little Freckle thing of mine, for the second time. I have been a full time wedding photographer for nearly 3 years now but with stints throughout all my years since I was 19 – so a fair few years

Emma will speak on the subject: ‘Fighting the fear of not being original and finding your visual voice along the way’
Emma will be aiming to give practical advice from experience on how to identify where you stand in an industry that is super busy and how to develop a visual style.

We asked Emma to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:
“I have been lucky enough to be a part of some wonderful groups of like minded photographers where sharing is key to supporting each other’s growth and feel like I have something to give back, now that I have done a bit of time! Working as a photographer can be pretty isolating as we spend so much time home alone editing, and working alone, that it is good to meet others and build a supportive and caring network.”

Check out Emma’s work below and also by visiting her beautiful new website


Louise Jutson


A little more about Louise….
Louise has been a freelance photographer for 8 years working in weddings, portraiture and fashion. Studied photography at Plymouth College of Art & Design, building her business at university and ultimately achieving an award from the governors as well as her degree. After an exciting busy adventure in London at London College of Fashion, Louise met her now husband Dan and they both decided to live their creative lives in their home town of Plymouth.
‘I live for creativity, I was a young performer and studied interior design and graphic design until I found my soul in photography.’

After a 3 year ‘in the shadows business’ in 2016 Louise relaunched and rebranded her commercial and wedding photography business around 2 young children and now is passionate about helping and inspiring other mums to achieve their goals and dreams around their children.

I am excited to be a part of the community of women in photography and a group of women living their dreams. I am honoured to be a part of the conference to be a voice that I know I needed 3 years ago.

Louise will speak on the subject: Family / work life balance
Louise is going to share the journey from closing her business in the public eye in 2013 to 2016 and relaunching her own business around 2 small children and being present with them at home as well.

We asked Louise to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:
I want to show mums that YES being a mum is the most important role of all, but if she has more to she wants to give and more she wants to do then she CAN achieve the balance of both worlds.”

You can view Louise’s work on her websites below:


Michelle Letts

michelle-letts-little-star-images-web-Here is a little bit more about Michelle…
I am a mother of two gorgeous boys and specialise in newborn and child photography at my little home studio in Crownhill. I always had a real love for art and photography from a young age but fell into a role as an accountant, finding maths very easy and a job that paid the bills. After the birth of my second child I decided that it was time to put family and the things I love first and not have the same regrets twice. I took the leap to start my full time photography business starting from odd weekends and now photographing at least 6 newborns a week together with little sitter, cake smash and fresh 48 photography.

Michelle will speak on the subject: New born photography and training
I will be talking about the reasons for my decision to specialise in newborns and the training I undertook and my little studio. What is involved in a new-born session and fresh 48 and birth photography. I will also talk about how I marketed my business and the contact I keep with my clients.

We asked Michelle to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference: 
“I am honoured to be asked to speak at this conference having seen the impressive speakers I follow. Conferences like this are a great idea to bring together like minded creative women. I never look at other photographers as competition. We each have our own styles and areas we specialise in and I strongly believe that working together and sharing ideas helps everyone to grow in a positive way.”

You can view Michelle’s work on her Facebook page:

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