Women in Photography Conference 2 – November 2016

Women in Photography Conference – Plymouth Arts Centre

We are very pleased to announce the our second Women in Photography conference. The Women in Photography conference will provide a unique opportunity for like minded photographers and film makers, who are passionate about photography, to get together and listen to some truly inspirational Women in Photography.

We have some amazing inspirational speakers at the conference including:

Liberty Pearl Women In Photography Conference poster Freckle Photography.jpgEmma Latham Freckle Photography
Michelle Letts – Little Star Images
Louise Jutson –  Mrs Jutson Photography
Phil Starkey – Phil Starkey Photography

The event will be hosted by Amber Leach – Owner of award winning photography agency Liberty Pearl Photography.

Please visit the biographies web page to find out more about the speakers.

Please join the Women in Photography and Film private members Facebook community which is an amazing source of encouragement, inspiration, friendship and opportunity.

How to buy your tickets
Tickets for this event will be £5 and are on sale through Event bright.

Plymouth Arts Centre is the venue for the next conference!

Charity event
ALL ticket fees will go towards the work of an amazing women’s charity The Girl Impact in Africa



Because Empowering Girls Matter. Out of the world’s 130 million out-of-school youth, 70% are girls. The Girl Impact seeks to support girls aged between 11 – 18 and give them a better start to womanhood by not only advancing their knowledge, but by ensuring the boys and men in their community see the value of healthy, educated and empowered local women. Our goal is to see young women and better informed young men, working together to close the huge gender equality gap that still exists in many African countries.

Every adolescent girl has the right to health, education and protection from violence and abuse. By ensuring

Refreshments will be available on the night from the venue and we have a charity cake sale to support this amazing charities!

The Women in Photography Conference is organised by Amber Leach, founder of Liberty Pearl Photography, an award winning wedding photography business based in Plymouth, Devon.

Amber started her wedding photography business in November 2013. She progressed from working in large structured organisations to being self employed and working from home. Whilst she enjoyed the independence of being self employed and her new found freedom from the chains of a 9-5 office job, she also missed having people around to run ideas past, share triumphs with, or receive encouragement from.

Amber has now established Women in Photography – Devon and Cornwall so she could meet other like minded creative photographers and film makers to share her passion with and to find people that understand her life as a self employed freelance photographer.

It is proven that friends ‘at work’ form a strong social support network for each other, both personally and professionally. Whether cheering for each other on big wins, consoling each other about mistakes, giving advice, or providing support for personal situations, comradeship at work can boost an employee’s spirit and provide needed assistance.

Amber is excited to meet and collaborate with amazing photographers for an afternoon of inspiration and fellowship with like minded creatives!

We would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors:

Anon Design
Lovers of unique printed stationery and creative design.

They did a fabulous job at designing our beautiful posters.


Liberty Pearl Women In Photography Conference Devon Plymouth

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