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Women in Photography Conference and Exhibition Plymouth 27th September 2017 – Speakers’ Biographies

Please find below further details of our AMAZING speakers at the Women In Photography Conference & Exhibition in Plymouth, 27th September 2017

Emily Mahon

So Belle Photography Emily Mahon

After studying film photography as part of my university degree I decided to get a ‘proper job’ and trained to become a secondary school teacher. Somehow after I had trained, I landed what I thought would be my dream job, teaching photography to secondary school students. I was thrilled to be teaching a subject that I loved, but the school environment just wasn’t for me. I was struggling spending every ounce of my time and energy on other peoples children and not having the time for my own. I decided to take the leap and start my own business only four years ago. So Belle Photography is going from strength to strength and I am so passionate about the work that I do and enjoy every second of it! I am now a full time wedding photographer, a full time Mummy to three beautiful girls and living a life that I couldn’t have dreamed was possible. If you’re passionate about what you are doing, in the end you will succeed.

Emily will speak on the subject:
I am planning on talking about ‘finding your light and building your brand’ some lessons that I have leant in the infancy of So Belle Photography, staying true to your branding and learning to say no!

We asked Emily to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:

I am absolutely thrilled to be asked to speak at this conference, I believe that you never stop learning in life and absorbing as much information as you can from your peers is vital to personal grown in your profession. It is refreshing, in such a competitive industry, to see women learning from and encouraging each other in their journeys.


You can view Emily’s work on her website


Vicki Boulter


Vicki BoulterVicki is a creative portrait photographer based in Torquay, Devon. Starting out as a Wedding Photographer some 12 years ago, her work has developed through the years and works full time creating images which range from Avant Garde Portraits of women which capture the personalities and stories of those who commission her – to artistic portraits of children and animals. Vicki’s images have been published worldwide, and she has won many International Awards. As well as designing and writing for various Photography Magazines, Vicki spends a lot of her time now creating book covers and editorial images. She also travels around the UK to give talks and Host Workshops on Art and Photography. Her next Workshop will be in October in Stratford-Upon-Avon, in conjunction with Permajet, who she is a brand ambassador for.

Vicki will speak on the subject: The Female of the Species

Once you have taken a beautiful portrait of your subject, why stop there? Vicki will discuss how she creates beauty images of women of all ages, shapes and sizes; and instead of stopping at that, uses post production to go on to create exciting abstract pieces of art which not only capture a different side to the person in the photograph, but also maximize sales from each and every portrait sitting. She will also discuss why photography and art has a massive role to play in how women are portrayed in society in this day and age, and how, as female photographers we can influence this.

We asked Vicki to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:
“I have spent many years as a creative photographer trying to get my work recognized internationally. This has been challenging from day one being from Devon and not living in the city, and working in what still is a predominantly male industry – but it can be achieved, and I want to share with other female photographers how, and encourage others to chase their ambitions.”

You can view Vicki’s work on her website:


Lisa Lobanova.

lilsa-2 (Cropped)I am a wedding and family photographer, based in London. I’m originally from Russia, however my photography career started here in the U.K.

I still remember my first paid job, that was 2009. Since then I photographed countless amounts of weddings and family portraits and became one of the most recognised photography brands in Russian speaking community in the U.K.

Last few years I’m running a photography school for beginners and wedding photography workshops for professionals.

Lisa will speak on the subject:

Took me a while to figure out what I want to talk about and I have decided to talk about Emotive Portraiture in wedding and family photography, what is it, why is it important and how to achieve it.

We asked Lisa to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:

I’ve been invited to talk at the conference and thought it’s a great honour to be even considered. Also if I have an opportunity to share my personal experience, mistakes and help people to learn anything from me, I’m very happy to do so.

You can view Lisa’ work on her website below:


Presentations via Live Skype Link or Pre Recorded Video Link From the USA and the Ukraine

Sarah Falugo.


Sarah will speak on the subject:

We asked Sarah to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:

You can view Sarah’s work on her website below:

Irina Skripnik.

DSC_1399 (cropped)

“I am Irina Skripnik – wedding, event, art and creative photographer based in Odessa, Ukraine, true member of The National Union of Ukrainian Photography Artists,  WPPI and ISPWP award winning photographer.

For over 10 years I am one of the leading wedding photographers in my region. I create special photography projects and have developed unique techniques of photography post-processing. I organise workshops, shootings and photography events around the world”

Irina will speak on the subject:

We asked Irina to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:

You can view Irina ‘s work on her website below:

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