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Women in Photography Conference 3 – Biographies

Please find below further details of our AMAZING speakers at the Women In Photography Conference in Plymouth, 22nd February 2017

Clare Kinchin

My love of photography started when I sold everything I owned and went travelling, my parents bought me a little point and shoot camera and I documented everything and everyone, I completely fell in love with photography.
It never occurred to me that I could make photography my job, I had no training, and just a few GCSE’s. I enrolled on a BTEC Course in Hertfordshire and studied photography for two years. Whilst I didn’t actually love the course, it did open my eyes to the possibility of  becoming a professional photographer.
Whilst in the process of getting married myself, I met Janine Hall a Plymouth based photographer who was going to shoot my wedding, we became good friends and I started working and shooting with her pretty soon after my wedding. I continued to work as a Partner for the next 15 years and shot weddings all over the world.  In 2014 I decided to take the plunge and start my own business Clare Kinchin Photography and I can’t believe how amazing the last couple of years have been. My style is fairly relaxed and documentary but on hand to direct and create some gorgeous couple portraits on the day. I love to work and include the environment as much as possible, outdoors on Dartmoor and the beach are my favourite places to be.
Last year I worked with some restaurants on food shoots which I loved, so this year I am hoping to improve my still life and food skills to move forward and add this to my business.
Claire will speak on the subject:

I guess a bit about my journey and taking time out from your business to be creative and to pursue personal projects. Keeping your mind and body healthy in a world of social media and constant imagery.

We asked Claire to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:

“I’m so thrilled to be asked to speak at the conference (if a little terrified).
I love that women in the South West are coming together to share, inspire, encourage and learn new skills.
Knowledge is amazing, lets share it!”

You can view Claire’s work on her website below:

Claire Kinchin Photography



“Taylor & Porter was founded in 2012 by Louise Sarah Spurring, a Photographer Residing in Cornwall, England. Louise studied Photojournalism at The University of The Arts, London and spent six years working as a Photographer and Photographic Retoucher for award winning design agency Empire Design before moving to Cornwall and founding Taylor & Porter as a creative service.

Specialising in creating editorial, branding and portrait photography, Taylor & Porter photographs have a characteristic gracefulness with a focus on the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail; using medium format film stills to create work that is radiant and full of narrative intrigue.

Louise finds inspiration through her deeply held reverence and love of history, art and the natural world. Working always with a strong appreciation and understanding of natural light and in a collaborative way with couples and commercial clients, she delivers flattering and romantic imagery which feels organic and timeless.”

Louise will speak on the subject: Film photography and finding your own creative voice.

(More info coming soon)

We asked Louise to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:

“I’m thrilled to be supporting “Girl Rising” in their fantastic work educating girls around the world. I hope, in my own small way, to inspire the next generation of female artists in the way previous female pioneers in photography have inspired me on my creative journey”

You can view Claire’s work on her website below:

Taylor and Porter Photographs


Jane Prior


Jane Prior has been a photographer for over 20 years. Since graduating from University in 1999, she has worked in a number of areas, including high profile food photography in London to independent commercial practices in the South West. The birth of her first child relocated her to Plymouth, where her work focused around social & wedding photography establishing her business J&S photography with her partner in 2006. Alongside her commercial work, Jane has been lecturing at Plymouth College of Art since 2004. Her teaching experience includes Pre-Degree to Under-Graduate Photography programmes. She currently works as year one tutor and lecturer on the BA Commercial Photography, for Fashion, Advertising and Editorial programme at Plymouth College of Art.

Since the birth of her second child in 2012, Jane’s photography practice has concentrated on her personal life and motherhood. Exploring notions of motherhood, identity and the intensity of the everyday.  In September 2016 Jane embarked on her biggest change yet and started studying an MA in Photography at Plymouth University. This opportunity has cultivated a new drive and direction within her work, exploring elements of the family unit.

Jane will speak on the subject: Juggling kids, teaching and weddings

Influenced in part, by the work of Sally Mann and Sian Davey, Jane’s photographic practice focuses on family narrative and it’s role in contemporary visual culture. Her work concentrates on attempts to reconcile her roles as a mother and a photographer. Beginning to examine and document responsibilities as a daughter and a mother, whilst also comprehending her position of matriarch within a modern family unit.

We asked Jane to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:

(More info coming soon)


Magdalena Hendey


Magdalena has studied fine art and photography, the latter gave her the confidence and inspiration to pursue a career in food photography.

Her love of good food and quality ingredients, combined with a passion for design and image making, enables her to create mouthwatering and enticing photographic work.  She is a firm believer that to be able to achieve this you must have a deep understanding of food.

In her role as a food photographer, Magdalena not only prepares, styles and shoots most of her work, but also devises new recipes and writes food editorials.

She has been published in a number of food magazines all over the world and has been involved in marketing projects for national clients.


Magdalena will speak on the subject: “Never give up, but be prepared for a bumpy ride.”

(More info coming soon)

We asked Magdalena to share why she wanted to speak at the Women in Photography Conference:

“I am very happy to be able to share my experience and journey in the photography field thus far.

I am a firm believer that by giving genuine insight into each other’s photography practice we can teach, inspire and enhance our strength.”

You can view Magdalena’s work on her website below:

Photo Studio 7


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