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I am now offering a limited number of one-to-one mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs, professional photographers and aspiring photographers, both face-to-face sessions at my office, and also online sessions via Skype. If you think these might be for you, I’d love to meet you! Mentoring sessions are a personalised private 1-2-1 workshop.

They are designed to cover all the essential topics and allow you to focus on things you really want to work. If you’re struggling to find your voice as an entrepreneur or photographer, looking for a way to fasten your workflow or finding your way to new clients, my bespoke business mentoring sessions answer all of your questions and push your business forward!

Examples of what we would cover in our mentoring sessions:

Mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs
– Advice on setting up or building a successful business
– How to automise your workflow and put processes in place to save time and money
– Review of your brand
– How to set and reach financial targets
– How to diversity your income streams
– Social Media overview – which is the most successful channel and why
– Marketing yourself – how to reach your idea client and why there is no such thing as competition
– A review of where you are now with your business and help putting together an action plan towards your goals
– How to set goals for your business long term and short term
– Building a competitive price list

Mentoring sessions for Photographers
– How to get work published
– Practical photography tips
– Equipment overview / How to make the most of your equipment
– Review of your current portfolio / How to build your portfolio
– How to get your first booking
– How to deal with clients and expectations of a professional photographer / Client meetings (communication skill set)
– How to plan and prepare for a wedding – planning for the key shots
– Identifying your own ‘style’
– Posing and organising group photos
– A review of where you are now with your photography
– What are your goals (where do you wanna be)
– Review of your brand
– Your strong points / Your weak spots
– How to get organised – Entire workflow from booking to delivery and follow up
– Finding your own consistent editing look

Workshop mentoring sessions
Would you like to set up your own workshop series? Liberty Pearl has been running sell out business and photography workshops across the southwest of the UK, and would love to share her secrets to show you how to set up workshops to teach people your skills. Whether you are a florist, a stylist, a photographer or wedding planner, you will be able to put the processes into place to set up your own bespoke workshop series.

I’m a great believer in the fact that everyone is different, and what each person wants to achieve from their business is different, so you need to tailor your business to suit YOU an the lifestyle that YOU want.

“Amber is such an inspiration and her sessions are an absolute joy to attend.”  Ellie from Eleanor Jones Photography

“Amber recently came out to our office to run a one-to-one workshop with one of our team, the results were just amazing and we have booked three more already. It will be so great being able to get good quality photos of our work taken in house, cutting costs for the business and giving us lots of great pictures to share, helping us reach our customers better. Thanks again Amber, we can’t recommend you highly enough” Jenny from Hip Hip Hooray Stationery 

VIP Coaching packages

Coaching regular check ins – stay accountable as your business grows

Mentoring is the provision of personal support, assistance, encouragement and inspiration to entrepreneurs at any time during their business journey, this could be up levelling their income, business development or for the launch of a certain new project or product.

The check in sessions support you in setting your own goals and then designing a bespoke plan of action to allow the mentee and mentor to set goals and measure progress throughout their mentoring relationship.

These check in sessions last 1 hour and will involve reviewing where you are now, the setting of tasks and planning outside of these sessions. The sessions will be an opportunity to talk through you goals, create action plans, ask any questions you may have about your business, and will equip you with the tools, motivation and encouragement you need along your journey to build your business!

The sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly
Group options and prices are available for any of the mentoring sessions, please send an enquiry through with further details.

Monthly challenges 
I run regular group challenges to work on specific topics, my current challenge is “How to achieve your 1st £10k month” and it is going VERY well!

There are a few conditions to joining the challenge:
1. You have to be able to show up in your business and be selling pretty much every day for 1 month and really focus on your business.
2. You have to be authentic and open and vulnerable
3. You have to be creative and think outside the box
4. You have to contribute to the group and share your ideas to help, encourage and inspire others along their journey
5. You have to REALLY want to up level your business!

I will be doing the same challenge at the same time and will be sharing my goals and my journey along side you guys so we can do the challenge together.

It will be a lot of work and focus but you WILL see the results!

All the information I share in the group has inspired me or are tasks I have completed which have brought me one step closer to reaching my goal and the financial success.

We start the challenge with a group of around 20 entrepreneurs from any industry and level, it’s for anyone who wants to dream big, reach a big financial goal and have a consistent income.

If you would like to sign up the be part of the next £10k challenge please join the mailing list.


Mentoring 1-2-1 sessions
Each mentoring session is created to suit you and your business needs.

1-2-1 mentoring sessions start from:
£300 for a 3 hour session
£500 for a 6 hour session

Challenges – £200 per challenge

Coaching regular check ins – £100 per session

If you feel that any of the mentoring options above will help you and your business and would like to book onto one of our sessions please fill out the contact form below

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