Is the wedding industry a rip off?

Is the wedding industry a rip off Pland and presents wedding blog Devon wedding photographer

Such a fab article from Alison at the PLANS AND PRESENTS wedding blog, about the wedding industry. I know lots of people who have had to give up their beautiful creative businesses because they just don’t pay the bills!

People don’t realise how much all the ‘behind the scenes’ items cost especially for photography, people think I make XX per day after looking at my wedding photography fees, I have had comments such as “you make more in a day than I make in a month!” but really the profit is very very low or non existent after paying for all the licenses, insurances, equipment, stationery, fuel, staff, marketing, branding, office costs, storage, computers, online galleries, advertising, car, websites, tax, VAT, national insurance, the list could go on….

Liberty Pearl Photography Wedding Workshop

Since I started my business I work on average in the office 50 hours per week and if I have a wedding or photo shoots that week it could go up to 70 hours! So my hourly rate is pretty awful to be honest. I didn’t taken a proper holiday (which didn’t include a destination wedding) for 2 years and I had flu pretty much the entire time I was away because I was so run down, and I haven’t had the time to take one since!

So you may ask why I and other wedding suppliers have chosen this career?

I for one love making people happy! I love providing a bespoke, creative, personalised service that suits my clients needs, I love working hard to make their wedding day so special, I love meeting new people, and getting to know them and spend time with them planning their wedding day, I love visiting beautiful wedding venues all over the world and seeing how couples add their own personal touch with their wedding styling. I love sharing such a special day with couples and capturing their family heirlooms that will last a life time.

If wedding suppliers were working in the industry simply for the money I don’t think there would be an industry to be quite honest!!!

So before you criticise people in the wedding industries or other creative industries, please think about all the behind the scenes work that goes into the beautifully hand crafted products, the sacrifices they make to their social life and their families by working weekends and during the holiday seasons, and the amount of pure LOVE they have for the industry, their wedding couples, and making every wedding day so unique and so very special! xx

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So I got married…..

Amber and Jesse’s wedding in Cornwall 

Sorry it has been a little quiet on the blog over the past few weeks! My excuse is that I GOT MARRIED by the seaside and it was the most amazing day of my life!

wedding in Cornwall Amber and Jesse Kingsand Village hall Grace Elizabeth Photography





















Our Story
How Jesse met Amber….
We met on a dating website Christian Connection back in January 2015….

We had an amazing time travelling in New York and visiting Jesse’s dad in Pensilvania – our first holiday. Jesse bought my beautiful sapphire engagement ring in NYC!

The proposal
Jesse to proposed to Amber (and Liberty) at the beautiful Gidleigh Park Hotel in Dartmoor on 12th March 2016 and made Amber the happiest girl in the world!

The wedding date
May 21, 2016 in Kingsand Village Hall, Cornwall
Will always be a very special day in our hearts!

We had a village hall wedding and the day was all about LOVE LOVE LOVE and little bit more LOVE!!!
I cannot describe how happy I was to be a bride and marry my gorgeous husband, it was literally a dream come true!

Wedding suppliers
Venue: Kingsand Village Hall, Cornwall
Dress: Suzanne Neville, The Mews Bridal Clifton
Flowers: Bloom & Flourish Plymouth
Suits: Ted Baker
Bow ties: Little Red Fox
Jewellery: Victoria Sewart Plymouth
Photographer: Grace Elizabeth Photography
Cake: Edible Essence Couture Cake Co.
MUA: Oksana Beauty Salon Plymouth
Hair: Regan Hair Plymouth