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To find out how I achieved a 6 figure business, join the #BeAudacious group coaching experience starting in February 2018 find out more here.

Hi, I’m Amber Leach – Entrepreneur, Creative, Photographer, Speaker, Coach, Mentor , Wife, and, above all, Mother.

My history: I worked a 9-5 job in marketing but I quit!  I pursued a career that had significance.A career that would work around me, my lifestyle and my daughter.

I did it with no capital to get me started.  Setting up in business as a single mother with no support and zero savings and from there I built a successful business, with my first year entirely booked out and fast growth that has continued for the past four years.  The aim was to create a company that not only provided income but also meaning.  A business designed around my lifestyle and my family.  Because family comes first for me, every time.

I’m naturally creative and collaborative, promoting community over competition, believing that there is enough work for everyone and that together we are stronger.  I have a thirst for knowledge, a love for photography and I adore the magic of marriage.  But where my passion truly lies is in inspiring and uplifting others, to help them to uplevel their lives and empower them to find and express their purpose and passion.

I’m proof that if you put the work in you can live the life that you’ve always dreamed of.  I would love to show you how…

Hello Wedding Photographer…….

#BeAudacious – Build your 6 Figure Wedding Photography Business in 2018

Are you a professional photographer who has been in business for 2 years or more and would like to earn 6 figures?

#BeAudacious  is a 6 week online group coaching programme for professional wedding photographers.

If you are earning £40-£60k per year you will increase your income to £100k if you attend this programme.

Amber Leach has been a professional full time photographer for just 4 years and has already reached the 6 figure milestone and can show you how on her new coaching course.

This will be an intensive 6 week course leading you on a journey to discover your true potential. The course will be challenging and will require you to be AUDACIOUS; in your thinking and ACTIONS!

100% commitment is required to sow and reap the rewards of your hard work.


1.showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.
“a series of audacious takeovers”

bold, daring, fearless, brave, unafraid,

To find out how I achieved a 6 figure business, join the #BeAudacious group coaching experience starting in February 2018 join the mailing list now.


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