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#MarriageGoals Blog Series: #2 Leanne & Nick – Sorrento Elopement

Welcome to our second post in the new #MarriageGoals blog series! We are so excited to share another blog post bursting with amazing wedding planning, engagement, photography & marriage advice from REAL couples.

We are a team of wedding photographers & videographers based in Devon and Cornwall, so this blog post is a little different, but we wanted to add value for our readers.

Our first blog post from Noah & Lucy is here, Noah & Lucy were married just 8 months when they filled out our questionnaire.

Elopement wedding photographer Sorrento Italy

We are now moving onto a couple who have been together over 10 years and married for 8 months, this has to be one of my highlights of 2019! Leanne and Nick had a beautiful elopement wedding in Sorrento Italy

Where did you get married?

The Cloisters, Sorrento, Italy 🇮🇹

Do you have any engagement advice which helped you prepare for marriage?

Live together and really get to know each other, if you can still love someone the good the bad and the ugly, and after time, then marriage will be another journey rather than a chore. There’s no need to rush it, move at your own pace.

Do you have any wedding photography advice for brides currently planning their wedding?

Know what pictures you want, don’t overthink it because if you have a good photographer (we did! 😉) then you’ll often find the best photos are those that they take when you don’t even know they’re being taken.

Do you have any wedding planning advice for brides currently planning their wedding?

Do NOT get bogged down in the tiny details if you get stressed by that type of thing, on the day I cannot stress enough just how little you pay attention to them, in regards to the extras. Good food, entertainment and booze (for at least some of your guests anyway!) is the one thing I think most people will agree pulls your party together whoever you invite, everything else is superficial. A lot of little things didn’t go to plan on our day but everything falls into place regardless and your guests won’t know anyway! Oh and the most stressful part of the planning for me was everyone’s opinions on what we should be doing, ignore them, it is YOUR day, do it YOUR way, once the day is over everyone else will forget about it, so do it for your memories as a couple not anyone else’s.

Do you have any wedding supplier advice for brides currently planning their wedding?

Wedding supplier Sorrento

Network network network. If I didn’t belong to a Facebook group for future and past Sorrento brides I wouldn’t have had the first clue. We found the cutest suppliers through that group and saved a lot of money utilising hacks from past couples.

Do you have any marriage advice you would like to share?

We have 2 main things that we live by and works for us, and has done for the last 10yrs, 1. If you are likely to get over whatever is bothering you about your partner in an hr or so then let it go, everyday life can be hard enough without getting nagged for eating too loud or cancelling plans last minute, but if it’s recurring and bothers you for longer then talk it out. TALK not SHOUT. And 2. Let each other grow. You may be a couple but you are still individuals you mustn’t suffocate either one of you as a person for the happiness of the other. Give and take is good for short term goals and happiness, but long term happiness comes from staying true to yourselves and being open and supportive to each others life goals and things that make them happy and content.

Anything else you think would be helpful?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If it’s not going to end in death then it really isn’t a big deal. Struggles will come so don’t make the small things into bigger struggles than they need to be. Don’t forget to keep laughing with each other, and it will overshadow all those hard days you may get along the way.

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