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Tunnels Beach Outdoor Coastal Wedding Photographer

What’s the best thing you did in 2019?
If I had to distill 2019 into its best part, it would no doubt be the fun I had at weddings despite them not going to plan!

I remember one wedding in particular, I had been looking forward to it since the enquiry came through. It was the first time I would be shooting at the venue Tunnels Beach and it’s just incredible. The bride was super excited about having an outdoor ceremony looking out to sea, and photos on the beach next to the stunning tidal pool.

But…. IT WAS THE WINDIEST DAY EVER!!! It was literally so windy I struggled walking down the wedding venue through the tunnel with my camera bag!!! Unfortunately the ceremony had to be inside. However the wedding venue and team of florists styled the room and it looked incredibly beautiful ❤️ the bride nearly got blown away on the way to the ceremony and we had to delay the bride and groom portraits until later in the evening when the wind had died down.

Despite the ferocious wind the bride and groom had the biggest smiles o their face all day and didn’t let it ruin their wedding day or photos YAY!!! My favourite kind of couple!! ❤️❤️

Can you tell it was windy from the photos? Have a scroll through the images, and I’ll let you decide….

If you had to pick just one highlight from 2019 what would it be?

If you are worried about it raining or there being a weather warning on your wedding day, please get in touch via our contact page with our team to discuss how we can help you put a plan together to capture awesome photos on your wedding day WHAT EVER THE WEATHER.

This wedding had the most AMAZING team of suppliers check them out below……

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