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Amber Leach – The Imperfect Entrepreneur will be talking about her past 5 years of trying to run a business the best way she knows how!

Why does this matter?

Before I start this is not a sales pitch, my coaching course is not running, I have no workshops scheduled in.
This is FREE authentic advice from one person to another. With no hidden agenda. No secrets sales funnel sequence.
I have been running workshops / mentoring sessions for 2 years. Becuase I love helping people, I love building community, I love sharing the lessons I have learnt.
The one day someone said “you should be a coach and start a coaching course” I thought YES!!!
So I read about how to run a coaching course, how to sign people up, how to mange a programme launch, what to include in your course, I spent months launching a new brand, new business, writing my course, planning my launch… but after a few months I thought, this isn’t me, I don’t feel comfortable with this… but I carried on going…. I carried on with the launch, ploughing time and money into it the way that everyone else says you should, by talking about how AMAZING your business is doing, how much you are earning, how you got there (well some of the journey, but not the really tough parts), Yes it is encouraging, yes it is inspiring, yes it does give people the push to set up their own business and begin their entrepreneurial journey, but it just didn’t feel right, I wasn’t 100% comfortable with the way the industry is going.
I don’t like being a show off or bragging about how amazing my so called perfect business is. The truth is, it is tough, it is hard, it isn’t great, sometimes I want to just quit, yes I am successful, but there is so much pressure to be perfect, to have it all together, to have the perfect marriage, perfect children, perfect house, perfect life. But I don’t have any of this, my life and business is far from perfect….
I have had a number of coaches who have helped so much on my journey and they been authentic, they have been real, and I follow quite a few coaches who are definitely not REAL or AUTHENTIC!
I feel it is unfair to sell a lifestyle/ a dream that is unattainable to the people you are teaching, some coaches forget to mention they have a very wealthy husband who pays for everything, which means money is no object and they can travel round the world organising styled shoots, international coaching programmes, meeting suppliers, paying a team to do all the work etc becuase money is literally NO OBJECT.
Then it comes to being a working mum, I was a single mum, I struggled with managing my working time and my family time, I couldn’t afford childcare, I still struggle getting the balance right but it upsets me that some coaches / entrepreneurs portray that have all this time is the world, they travel, they work long hours on their business whilst managing a household with lots of young children, but they forget to mention that their kids are in boarding school, or they have a full time nanny, or their husband is a stay at home dad, or they live with their mother in law, or the have shared custody.
All these things are fine, but they are details that should not be missed out of your sales pitch! 
I just want people to start sharing the whole truth, not just the best bits, it’s not fair, people cannot reach where you are on the journey you took becuase you forgot to include some crucial elements which are a game changer. How can you sell something that is only half true.

So what am I going to do about it?

Listen Live on my Facebook page every Monday at 8pm
I will be coming live on Mondays evenings and sharing my imperfect journey, sharing what it is really like to be an entrepreneur and managing a family, a life with children and a husband and friends. THE GOOD BITS AND THE BAD BITS!!!!
This will be on Facebook and Instagram live AT 8PM! (ALTHOUGH I AM USUALLY LATE)!!!!
Yes I run a sucessful 6 figure business but what does success mean?
I will sharing my 5 years worth of business experience from someone who didn’t have business training, how I didn’t manage my time when I started and burnt out, how I struggled with maintaining a regular cash flow and still do, how I struggle doing everything myself, how I neglect my family, forget important dates with my daughter, upset my friends, take double bookings, I’m always late for everything, how I was too busy focusing on my goals to see what really mattered HELPING PEOPLE!!!
How I am rubbish at managing my health and my diet, how I get migraines because I don’t drink enough water. How I planned marketing strategies that failed, I will be sharing how I overcame those issues and how I am still trying over come them. Yes my business is thriving but it is TOUGH every day!!!!
If you want real raw authentic snap shot into the life of an seemingly sucessful yet imperfect entrepreneur tune in on Mondays at 8pm.
If you have any questions before the lives please send them over via private message, I would love to hear from you xxxx
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