When It Rains On Your Wedding Day – Wedding Photography Top Tips from Devon Photographer Liberty Pearl

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We frequently get asked how rain or bad weather will affect our couple’s wedding photography. Whether your wedding is in the UL or abroad there is one thing you cannot guarantee THE WEATHER!
As we’ve already seen this month, even though we’re at the start of spring, with temperatures of 25 degrees and more last week, the sunny weather has been sandwiched between downpour after downpour! There are never any guarantees as to what the weather will do. One minute it can be bright sunshine, the next pouring with rain.
It’s no longer guaranteed that you will have amazing sunshine if you book your wedding in May, nor is it unheard of for our couples to be getting married outside at the start of October.
Our advice is always the same – you can’t change it – so just make the most of it and smile!

Here are our top five tips that will help you plan ahead for your special day whatever the weather:

  1. When searching for a wedding venue, it’s good to look for one that is as beautiful inside as it is outside. That way you can have the best of both worlds if the weather plays ball. If not, you won’t be too disappointed either!

Elopement wedding venue The Green Cornwall
2. Try to work with your photographer to be flexible with your timings or when things need to happen. We will always try to get some images taken outside in between any showers. If this means getting the group photographs taken slightly later when it is dry, then so be it.
Deer Park Hotel Devon Wedding Photographer and videographer Liberty Pearl Photo and Film
3. Please remember that your couple photographs can also look stunning if taken inside. Our photographers are all fully trained in using off camera flash, which means they are able to make a feature of the rain.
Art Deco Vintage wedding photography The Duke of Cornwall hotel Plymouth
4. Come prepared
We will always have white umbrellas with us to ensure that you look as radiant as possible in all weather conditions. If you want to buy your own umbrellas, please ensure they’re either plain white or see-through as this will enhance how you look. There’s nothing worse than an ugly colour cast or a motif/logo featuring in all your pictures. Some of the most fun weddings we’ve been fortunate enough to capture have seen showers on the day. Work with your photographer to ensure you have those special memories that you can look back on for years to come.
5. Embrace the rain!
Please don’t be too precious about your dress getting a little wet. The most important thing to remember is that your wedding day is a celebration of the start of your marriage, and if the hem of your dress gets a little damp, it really isn’t the end of the world. The couples we have worked with that have made a feature of the rain have enjoyed their days far more, than those who have stressed about it.

6. Most of all, enjoy your wedding day no matter what the weather and happy planning!


If you would like to book a photographer who loves embracing the elements with you on your wedding day, whether it is rain, wind or sunshine then Liberty Pearl  is the photographer for you!!!! We love nature, we love adventure and we love being inspired by the elements!
Contact us now to check if we are available on your wedding date…

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