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Reasons to have a pre wedding shoot – part 1

I love being a wedding photographer in Devon, there are so many beautiful wedding venues, but I love pre wedding shoots and engagement sessions even more.  I think they are SO IMPORTANT for couples to consider as part of their wedding package and here’s why….



  1. Get to know your photographer and make sure you like them!
    It’s a great opportunity for me to get to know my couples and for them to get to know me, so that there are no surprises on their wedding day. I think it’s really important that couple’s get along with their wedding photographer, after all they will be sharing the most important day of your life! Firstly I LOVE to hear about the proposal story, and talking and meeting new people, so finding out about my couple’s and how they met is so much fun!The Duke of Cornwall Hotel Plymouth wedding engagement
    2. You have beautiful natural photos capturing real, authentic, natural love between 2 people
    The engagement session is 100% natural. There is no styling, no make up artist, no hired suits, no theme, no wedding guests, no schedule, it’s just two people in love. I can see the couple together in their natural environment and in an every day situation. The photos from the pre wedding shoot show 100% natural love and emotion between two people without any distractions.dartmoor-widgery-cross-engagement-pre-wedding-photo-shoot
    3. Practise posing in front of a camera
    I don’t ‘pose’ a couple I just help them look their best by just being themselves and acting naturally. It is a very relaxed session where I encourage the couple to have a chat about something, go for a walk, hold hands, and show affection to each other. I very simple and relaxed approach to posing but the results are natural and beautiful! The couple understand my shooting style whilst practising being in front of the camera without any distractions or interruptions.

    pre wedding shoot royal William yard Plymouth Devon Cornish wedding London engagement

    4. You can talk about your wedding in detail
    I can get to know the couple but we also get lots of time to talk about the wedding in detail. I can find out about the timings of the day, venue details, favourite locations, group photo ideas; all the elements that are most important to each couple. Every couple is so different so I ask each couple to fill out a wedding photography questionnaire, which helps me to find out what is most important to them on their wedding day. I also like to know what the wedding photos are going to be used for after the wedding, this really helps with my planning for the wedding day. I create a bespoke plan for each couple and work from this on the day to ensure I have every important detail captured.

    pre wedding family photo shoot at Cothele cornwall 48

    5. You are more relaxed on your wedding day
    As a result, the couple’s wedding day photographs will be even more amazing, because they will know exactly what to expect from their wedding photographer and will feel entirely comfortable with what’s happening on the wedding day.

    Devon wedding photographer Liberty Pearl Photography village hall beach wedding-3

Thank you for reading part 1 of our ‘pre wedding shoot’ blog series, next time we will taking about how to choose your location for a pre wedding shoot.

If you are getting married in Devon, Cornwall, Bristol, Somerset or London and would like a pre wedding shoot please get in contact with me with details of your engagement shoot idea. I love photographing couples in beautiful natural environments – beaches, Dartmoor, woodlands and I love a creative city pre wedding shoot too I cannot wait to hear from you!


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