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Getting married abroad: Reasons to elope for your big-day

Elopement in Ibiza Europe

Dreaming of a beach wedding? Or perhaps you’re just looking to celebrate an intimate affair away from home, in a setting than means something to the both of you…

Whether you just want to be sure of sun on your wedding day, or you have the perfect destination in mind, there are plenty of reasons to consider a wedding abroad.

There’s something special about getting married abroad. The beautiful surroundings, different cultures, and stunning landscapes… the list could go on. As a photographer, the bright light in sunnier destinations also comes in handy. I’m a natural light photographer so working in the beautiful sunshine is a dream!

Luckily, at Liberty Pearl Photography, I’ve had the pleasure of shooting several weddings in sunnier climes. I’ve shot weddings in Ibiza and in Pamplona, Spain, and every single destination wedding has been beautiful. Ibiza, in particular, was stunning. It was bright and light – and to top it off the couple were so stylish.

Why get married abroad?

Not sure whether to elope for your big-day? Here are just a few reasons you might like to consider…

  1. Budget
    Tying your wedding in with your honeymoon can help save considerable costs. Of course, you’ll make huge savings on guest numbers and expenses too. If you’ve got a big family and lots of friends it can be hard trying to limit your guest list, so eloping to a far-flung destination can sometimes be the answer.
  1. Weather
    Even in summer we’re not guaranteed abundant sunshine, so if a sun-soaked backdrop is really important to you it might be worth taking a trip abroad. Do make sure you research foreign weather before choosing a location. Some popular destinations, for example, in the Caribbean, are well known for their heavy downpours and erratic weather patterns.
  1. Family
    If you have family that live abroad it’s an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with them while enjoying the gorgeous setting. Of course, these destinations might not always be the sunniest, but they still offer a whole host of excitement and culture to take advantage of.
  1. Special Place
    Finding the right wedding venue can be a struggle for some couples. It’s a place you’ll be associating with your marriage forever, so you don’t want to have to settle for the best of the bunch. Perhaps there’s a place the two of you have holidayed together and holds memories of good, happy times? If so, why not consider tying the knot there?

How to get married abroad

If you are thinking of tying the knot abroad, here a few tips to ensure stress-free planning:

  1. Secure your preferred photographer well ahead of your big-day. They will need plenty of notice as it’s likely to take up more than one or two days of their time.
  2. Make sure you do lots of research and firm up legal documentation required and costs before committing.
  3. If you’ve opted for a tropical country, make sure the ceremony is not during the hottest part of the day.
  4. Be as helpful as possible to all your wedding guests. Organising their transport and accommodation is a must.
  5. Make the most of virtual conferencing technology such as Skype to interact with your suppliers and get to know them prior to the day.

If you’d like to chat to me about destination wedding photography, fill in my online contact form today.

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