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Testimonials 2015 – Devon wedding photographer

wedding photographer in Cornwall Pengenna Manor bridesmaids happy
It’s been such a busy second year for Liberty Pearl Photography, with  27 weddings captured in stunning venues all over the UK I received amazing feedback from my lovely clients.

My aim was to take beautiful photos and make people even happier on their wedding day, by being my friendly, lovely helpful self. I love hearing feedback from my lovely clients, which confirms to me how I achieved this!

Nothing makes me happier knowing that my photographs help people relive their wedding day over and over again, moment by moment and fill them of  joy in their hearts.  I feel so blessed to have met and worked with such amazing people and share their special day with them.

I am passionate about three things:

1. Seeking love – people in love look into each other’s souls, and it is that feeling that I capture when I take photographs.
2. Seeking joy – the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart, and it is that feeling my clients experience when they relive their wedding day through my photographs.
3. Seeking uniqueness – I love being me, I am unique and so are all of you and I love celebrating this. I love weddings and families that are REAL and not perfect and pristine. I make them feel relaxed and at ease and capture their true self. The greatest gift you can give a person is to see who she is and to reflect that back to her.

Read some of my amazing testimonials from happy clients at recent weddings and family photo shoots in Devon, Cornwall and beyond xx




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